J.R. McAuley Outfield R/R Junior Hendrix College
Justin Robison Catcher S/R Sophomore Hendrix College
Brodie Brown Infield R/R Junior Univ. of Southern Indiana
Aaron Euler Outfield L/R Freshman Univ. of Southern Indiana
Jordan Kelly Pitcher R/R Redshirt Freshman Univ. of Southern Indiana
Jacob Bowls Pitcher/Infield R/R Redshirt Freshman Univ. of Southern Indiana
Jacob Tapp Pitcher R/R Freshman Olney Central
Robby McGaha Outfield R/R Freshman Olney Central
Nolan Fertig Outfield L/R Sophomore Olney Central
Ryan Layne 3rd Base L/R Freshman Wabash Valley
Brandon Diaz Pitcher L/L Senior Campbellsville
Dillon Day Pitcher R/R Freshman Campbellsville
Marty Coursey Pitcher R/R Junior Union University
Zach Smith 1st Base L/R Sophomore William Wood University
Brantley Flanagan Pitcher R/R Junior Tennessee Wesleyan
Chase Brantley Pitcher R/R Freshman Bluefield College
Austin Browning Catcher R/R Junior Bluefield College
Griffen Watterson Infield R/R Sophomore Baldwin Wallace College
Logan Workman Pitcher R/R Freshman Lee University
Seth Wicker Pitcher L/L Freshman Lee University
Braydon Ware Outfield R/R Redshirt Sophmore Lee University
Chase Martin Pitcher R/R Sophomore Asbury College
Christian Beckley Pitcher R/R Redshirt Sophomore Asbury College
Blake Hacker Pitcher R/R Sophomore Asbury College
Joe Logsdon Pitcher/Infield R/R Freshman Maryville College
Jordan Schaffer Infield R/R Freshman Indiana State
Paul Haupt 3B/DH R/R Freshman Samford